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Lakedale Power Tools was established in 1983 as a family run partnership to supply and hire industrial tools, fixings, builders merchant’s products and safety equipment. The company has grown from its base in the London Borough of Greenwich, UK to now being a leading distributor in the South East and Nationally. They distribute all leading brand products from manufacturers such as: Hikoki, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Honda, Stihl, Rawlplug, Fischer, Spit, Paslode, Evostick, Festool, Wacker Neuson, Husqvarna, Milwaukee, JCB, Hyundai & 3M to name but a few...


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  • Bosch Gho16-82d 110v Planer

    Bosch Gho16-82d 110v Planer

    price: £123.49

  • Bosch Gho16-82d 240v Planer

    Bosch Gho16-82d 240v Planer

    price: £123.49

  • Bosch Gho26-82 110v Planer

    Bosch Gho26-82 110v Planer

    price: £164.39

  • Bosch Gho26-82 240v Planer

    Bosch Gho26-82 240v Planer

    price: £164.39

  • Bosch Gho40-82c 240v Planer

    Bosch Gho40-82c 240v Planer

    price: £241.99

  • Dewalt D26500k 110v 4mm Planer

    Dewalt D26500k 110v 4mm Planer

    price: £340.00

  • Dewalt D26500k 240v 4mm Planer

    Dewalt D26500k 240v 4mm Planer

    price: £340.00

  • Hikoki P20sf 110v Planer

    Hikoki P20sf 110v Planer

    price: £134.95

1 2 3  of 19 results

A plane is a tool for shaping wood. When powered by electricity, the tool may be called a planer. Planes are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of lumber or timber.Planing is used to produce horizontal, vertical, or inclined flat surfaces on workpieces usually too large for shaping.