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Lakedale Power Tools was established in 1983 as a family run partnership to supply and hire industrial tools, fixings, builders merchant’s products and safety equipment. The company has grown from its base in the London Borough of Greenwich, UK to now being a leading distributor in the South East and Nationally. They distribute all leading brand products from manufacturers such as: Hikoki, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Honda, Stihl, Rawlplug, Fischer, Spit, Paslode, Evostick, Festool, Wacker Neuson, Husqvarna, Milwaukee & 3M to name but a few...


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  • Hyundai Hy1000si 1000w Inverter Generator

    Hyundai Hy1000si 1000w Inverter Generator

    price: £439.99

  • Hyundai Hy2000si 2000w Inverter Generator

    Hyundai Hy2000si 2000w Inverter Generator

    price: £599.99

  • Hyundai Hy3200sei Inverter Generator

    Hyundai Hy3200sei Inverter Generator

    price: £899.99

  • Hyundai Hy3800l-2 Petrol Generator

    Hyundai Hy3800l-2 Petrol Generator

    price: £467.99

  • Hyundai Hy3800lek-2 Petrol Generator

    Hyundai Hy3800lek-2 Petrol Generator

    price: £535.00

  • Hyundai Hycm63e Electric Mixer

    Hyundai Hycm63e Electric Mixer

    price: £259.99

  • Hyundai Hycm160 Cement Mixer

    Hyundai Hycm160 Cement Mixer

    price: £419.99

  • Hyundai 8l Air Compressor

    Hyundai 8l Air Compressor

    price: £149.99

  • Hyundai 24l Air Compressor

    Hyundai 24l Air Compressor

    price: £179.99

  • Hyundai 50l Air Compressor

    Hyundai 50l Air Compressor

    price: £349.99

  • Hyundai Hyc1600e Electric Chainsaw

    Hyundai Hyc1600e Electric Chainsaw

    price: £79.99

  • Hyundai Hyc2400e Electric Chainsaw

    Hyundai Hyc2400e Electric Chainsaw

    price: £109.99

  • Hyundai Hyc40li Cordless Chainsaw

    Hyundai Hyc40li Cordless Chainsaw

    price: £259.99

  • Hyundai Hym3200e Lawnmower

    Hyundai Hym3200e Lawnmower

    price: £89.99

  • Hyundai Hym3800e Corded Electric Lawnmower

    Hyundai Hym3800e Corded Electric Lawnmower

    price: £160.00

  • Hyundai Hytr600e Grass Trimmer

    Hyundai Hytr600e Grass Trimmer

    price: £64.99

1 2 3  of 39 results

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